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If you are looking for the best and most affordable cabinets Knoxville can offer you then you are in luck!

Cabinets Knoxville offers cheap cabinets Knoxville residents have loved for years. So call us today and sign up for your free consultation.

Welcome to Cabinets Knoxville! We are your local cabinet designer bringing you high-quality cabinets products and services right to your home or new construction site.

Whether you are looking for a new pantry cabinet, modern kitchen cabinets, or the best cabinet refacing Knoxville can offer you we have a service to help you and your new project.

As you begin your project there are some questions that you will be looking to have answered. Questions like, where can I buy cabinets near me, who makes the best kitchen cabinets near me, who can make custom cabinets near me, or what are the cost of kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets Knoxville can answer all of these questions and so much more. You can call with questions or we can answer them all during your free consultation meeting which you can schedule today.

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About Cabinets Knoxville

Cabinets Knoxville has served the Knoxville area for years with high-quality custom cabinets and cabinet installation in Knoxville.

Our mission is to bring you a wide range of services at one convenient location and offer competitive pricing all to help save our customers more money.

This Knoxville cabinet company can offer you locally made Knoxville kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets at a good price while maintaining our famous quality.

If you are having problems deciding on a company, or what to even decide for your cabinet design then we can help with both of these issues.

One reason we offer our free consultation is a way for you to get to know us as a company and learn all the wonderful work we can do for your home with zero risks to your bank account!

Of all the cabinet companies in Knoxville, we are confident that you will want to proceed with the building process once you have had a chance to meet with and work with our employees.

We also offer our free consultation as a way to offer advice and other help on designing your custom cabinets in Knoxville.

If you are having a hard time imagining a color you would like, type of wood, knobs, styles, or more we can absolutely help you design custom kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets that will be absolutely perfect for your home.

Why Choose Us?

Cabinets Knoxville has years of combined, professional experience between our seasoned employees. We can offer advice and opinions for your project that you may have never considered and leave with an unbelievable final product.

When you purchase locally made cabinets in Knoxville TN you have guaranteed yourself not just supporting a local business. But you are guaranteeing yourself the quality that can be best purchased from locally owned businesses.

Our team is here to provide you with the very best in customer service, products, materials, and cabinets services around. We work hard day after day to make sure our customers always receive the very best and always want to return to us or recommend us to others.

Our company was founded with the basic values that we push each employee to stand by every day that they come to work. This can be an employee meeting with you for your consultation, an employee building your cabinets, or the employee that is installing them for you in your home.

We believe that by following these values you will always receive the very best in customer service and product quality throughout your entire project as you work with us.

These values are:

  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Honesty

We believe that respect is an incredibly important foundation for anyone to demonstrate when they belong to a company. Respect for other employees, respect for their work, and respect for their customers! By respecting our customers we feel their needs will be fully met and they will always receive quality customer service.

Dedication is important when an employee is working for any company. We want our employees to be dedicated to their work. This can be shown by an employee showing up on time every day to work or to a scheduled appointment with a customer. If an employee is dedicated to their work as they build and install your cabinets then we feel the quality will be kept at a higher standard as well. If an honest mistake is made then the employee will want to fix it instead of hoping it may go by unnoticed.

Finally, we expect honesty from all employees. We understand that mistakes can be made at times. That is perfectly fine as long as we are honest, own up to our mistakes, and fix them right away! This can be particularly important when we are dealing with a customer’s money and their budget.

Cabinets Knoxville has the experience to make the best cabinets for you and we will prove it to you. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and find out for yourself what our dedication to our work and customers really can be!

What to Expect

Your first meeting with us will be during your free consultation. We will first want to discuss with you your ideas and plans for your project. Is this for a kitchen or bathroom? Is this project for your home or a new construction project?

We will show you various samples and ideas that you can use to decide how you want your cabinets to look at. We will review materials and options such as wood types, molding, knobs, handles, and more.

We will also want to visit your job site to take measurements. We will need to review the area and look at current plumbing and electrical.

Finally, your new cabinets will be installed. Before long you will be enjoying your brand new locally made custom cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinets

Searching for the best kitchen cabinets in Knoxville can feel like an overwhelming challenge at first. But we are here to help you every step of the way. From questions, to design, and installation we can make your kitchen cabinets perfect for your kitchen no matter the style. If you need white kitchen cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets, wood cabinets, or custom kitchen cabinets we can make it happen for you. For the best kitchen cabinets, Knoxville can offer you contact us today.

Bathroom Cabinets

Your locally made Knoxville cabinets can stretch beyond the kitchen and into your bathroom. If you need your bathroom cabinets replaced or just need brand new cabinets installed altogether we have the service for you. Your locally-made bathroom cabinets in Knoxville are sure to help your bathroom stand out in an amazing new way. For the best bathroom cabinets, Knoxville residents have loved for years call us today.

Custom Cabinets

One of our favorite parts of the job is helping our customers design their very own locally made Knoxville custom cabinets. We love seeing our customers’ inspirations and dreams come to life as they walk with us during their consultation and design for themselves what will be installed in their home. Custom cabinets Knoxville has relied on for years are waiting for you!

Discount Cabinets

We love saving our Knoxville cabinets customers more money whenever we can. That is why we offer discount cabinets in Knoxville too! Call us today or ask during your consultation and see if we have discount cabinets that may be perfect for you.

Cabinet Refacing

If purchasing brand new cabinets is not a commitment you are financially ready to commit to yet then consider our cabinet refacing service. We can take the faces off of your kitchen cabinets leaving just the empty boxes behind and refinish the outer edges to match the new door and drawers. Then we will replace them with new faces and as simple as that you can enjoy the feeling of brand new cabinets. If you want the best cabinet refacing service Knoxville can offer, give us a call today.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Our cabinets are not just confined to the indoors, but we have taken our services outdoors too! Kitchen cabinets in Knoxville can be ruined by the weather quickly unless you have the right materials! When you call, ask about our outdoor kitchen cabinets service and see how we can help your outdoor cooking area in the best way. We have the best outdoor kitchen cabinets Knoxville TN can offer you and they’re just a phone call away.

About Knoxville Tennessee

Knoxville is a city in eastern Tennessee on the Tennessee River. It is home to the Museum of East Tennessee history which contains interactive exhibits, regional art, and Civil War artifacts.

The current unemployment rate is 4.2% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 9.3% while the national average is 6.2%

Surrounding cities include:

  • Powell
  • Corryton
  • Strawberry Plains
  • Andersonville
  • Heiskell
  • Mascot
  • Norris
  • Luttrell
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for coming to my home?

No there is not. We actually come to your home free of charge as part of our free consultation process to take measurements and look at the job site.

Is there a specific type of wood I should use for my design?

Lucky for you, this is one of those options that are left completely up to you! Different types of wood have different benefits. Some have a certain tone and color you may like more than others. While other types of wood can be more expensive which may lead you away from it.

Can you come to remove my old cabinets for me?

We can absolutely remove your old cabinets for you. However, there is an additional fee for removing them so we will want to know about it when we meet for your consultation.

Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love my new outdoor cabinets. I have wanted a nice setup outside for years as I enjoy cooking for friends and having parties. The cabinets were just one more way to make my area look that much better and I have way more storage space! Thank you for installing them so perfectly.

Terrence C.

You would be amazed at what a difference just installing new cabinets in your home can make. We replaced the cabinets in our kitchen and it feels like having a brand new kitchen. The color they helped us pick outmatches our kitchen perfectly and gave it a more modern feel to it. I highly recommend these guys, they really know what they are doing.

Howard L.

I couldn’t wait to have new cabinets installed in my bathroom. The ones I used to have were not only old but they were small and simply did not work. Knowing extra storage space was a big deal for me, Cabinets Knoxville helped me pick out a design that added so much more space for storage just with new cabinets. Now I feel like I have to remodel the rest of my bathroom to keep up with how nice the cabinets look. You guys did a great job.

Lawrence T.

Contact Us Today!

If you are considering replacing or installing new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom don’t wait! You can call us today and meet with us for free and we can help you decide what cabinets will be perfect for your project.

Our employees are standing by waiting to help you in any way we can. So don’t wait! Call Cabinets Knoxville today or visit in person and we can help you design custom cabinets you will love for years to come.

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